Friday, 2 June 2017

Last Longer with a Tantric Massage

Tantric massages are often searched for because someone wants to last longer in bed. This is not something that is a big mystery or secret thanks to a few television and media personalities that swear that through Tantra they are able to accomplish amazing feats while practicing Tantra.

From having an orgasm that lasts for hours or even having sex for just as long makes people’s interest spike and they want to know if this is all real. Well the short answer is that yes, this is all real and you really can achieve the same amazing things that these people are achieving simply through tantric massages and practicing Tantra at home. However your concept of intimacy, sex and orgasms might need a little refreshing.
Tantric Dolls Homepage Screenshot
There are countless agencies like Tantric Dolls out there who can help you with your sexual issues, just give them a call and make a booking or ask for advice.

For more people sex is all about penetration and the idea that through that penetration sex is going to be completed once at least one side arrives at their orgasm. Well tantric practitioners such as the ladies over at Tantric Dolls will not be performing any sexual act during the massage and there won’t be any penetration. What you need to realize is that what we think about sex is only part of the entire scope of intimacy. Sex can be anything that happens before that brings you and your couple closer.

The flirting, the playful kissing and even the undressing, this also means that anything that happens after what we normally consider sex can be considered part of it too, so the cuddling, the laughing and the long talks are all part of it.

Tantric massages and Tantra in general teach you to enjoy these experiences and appreciate them just as much as you do the part that is in the middle. Also, there doesn’t have to be any penetration at all. You can have sex in many different ways so it is time you stop thinking as putting your penis in something as sex.

Valentina - Tantric masseuse
Masseuses like Valentina from Tantric Dolls can help you achiev
e the goal of lasting longer in the bedroom through the tantric arts
Orgasms are the physical and psychological satisfaction of these acts. Yes you can have a forty minute orgasm but your mind has to realize that it’s not about simply ejaculation. It is about feeling so close to someone that their skin is in the way that your body feels like it is both relaxed and tense and that you feel euphoric and yet at peace. That is what tantric massages and Tantra seeks to explore and if you are ready for it you are more than welcomed to come try.

When discussing these points with my friends recently I happened to mention how I felt tantric massages had helped me take pleasure back into my own hands. They sort of laughed and admitted they had never understood that phrase. In fact most of my friends all agreed this was some sort of ‘excuse’ as to why I enjoy tantric massages because, as they pointed out, in a way you’re actually giving away your pleasure to your masseuse.

They argued that by letting her have the ability to offer pleasure to me I was essentially just passing out the power to someone else. This got me thinking onto the dynamic of me and my masseuse and also if I was really finally in control of my own pleasure.

First of all I had to think how my masseuse came into my life and how she showed me how to achieve pleasure both while I was with her and while I was alone. Of course I invited my masseuse into my life against everything that anyone told me. I made the decision to put my joy and pleasure first which is already completely out of the ordinary for someone to do. I wasn’t seduced by my masseuse but she came knowing of what was about to happen and I knew what she was there for.

Secondly, I never gave my power away, in fact I took it back from where it had been stored: society’s grasp. I had been told all my life what to feel about sensuality, how I was supposed to express it and when and with whom. This time I broke the norm and said ‘this is what I want’ and went for it.

Not only that but my masseuse taught me how to get pleasure on my own and not to rely on her presence. She is a friend, someone I can go to and someone I feel wonderful around even when we’re being sensual. My power and my pleasure resides now only in myself and not anyone else and now no one that is with me can even dream of dictating when sex is over, when I am satisfied or how I need to be satisfied.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Cheaper alternatives to escorts - save yourself some money

We're all aware here how expensive a habit escorting is. Hell, escorts make significantly more money than any of us in this office, and we are all trained professionals in skilled work. It's ludicrous how much they can make in an hour, but then at the end of the day it is fair. After all, they are permanently messing up their bodies and relationships to make a bit of cash, so it balances out in the end.

Avoiding escort costs

Anyway, in today's Sexy London Ladies post we are bringing you some cheaper alternatives to escorts, because why should you hand out your hard earned cash on sex when you can just get sexually gratified for free or the price of a coffee?

Now, after reading and following this post, we doubt this will ultimately help you stop booking escorts. However, with some dedication it is realistic to say that you could book less escorts if you follow our advice (it worked for us, sort of).

The purpose of this guide

The end goal here is to save some precious money, so remember - any outcome where you spend less but get sexually satisfied is the goal here!

Alternative to escorts #1: immerse yourself in VR Porn

The Virtual Porn Website

Why choose Virtual Porn?

  • Better than your average porn session.
  • Still less time and effort than booking an escort.
  • You may enjoy it so much, you will no longer need companions.

The Porn industry has taken a step forward recently with a foray into the next stage of adult entertainment; virtual reality. It immediately clicks in your head as a brilliant idea. Virtual Reality + Porn? Sign us the fuck up!

Forgot your VR headset?

If you have your own Virtual Reality headset or spend 10 minutes cutting out some cardboard, you can dive right into your own raunchy series of high definition VR Porn. We recommend visiting the Virtual Porn Website above if you are interested in checking out some smutty virtual reality content. There is some free content on the website to get you started, and you would have to buy 100 videos off this website before it would cost as much as the average hour long booking.

Alternative to escorts #2: just book Cheaper escorts

Ace Sexy Escort Sofia

How is this a cheap alternative to escorts?

We're sorry to put escorts in a guide that's designed to help you save money on escorts, however this business really is too good an offer to pass up.

If you cannot afford to keep booking high class companions because they charge extortionate prices, why not book from an agency that doesn't rip you off? The link above will take you to Ace Sexy Escorts, a London based agency offering appointments at £79 per hour.

Think of all the money you can save, considering most services charge almost double!

Alternative to escorts #3: Give the Tinder app a try 


Not heard of Tinder before?

Tinder has been around long enough now to establish a market, and if you want to try your luck on the free market you may just find yourself a hot girl who wants to meet. If anything, grabbing Tinder on your phone to mess around for an hour is a bit of fun, and hey you might get a few interesting swipes!

For the purposes of this article, we created a Tinder account to see if it is still a good website to hook up on, expect to see our results soon.

My Tinder results: Over the period of a couple of weeks, I received plenty of swipes. You should be able to do it too, I'm only moderately attractive! Unfortunately Tinder has implemented a limited amount of swipes for free users. This is a massive disappointment, because I will never pay for the Tinder app and neither should you.

In conclusion: Give this app a try and you might get a few matches. With the limited swipes available, this is probably no longer the best tool for hooking up.

Alternative to escorts #4: Please yourself with erotic Chatrooms

i Sexy Chat

A little bit of dirty talk goes a long way

Lastly, but certainly one of the best - erotic chatrooms are more than capable of satisfying someones lustful urges, if you can find a couple of decent sites for it you might actually be able to book less escorts.

It requires a bit of patience, but with some work you can get some ladies to either cam chat privately with you or exchange images. If that fails, you can always find someone willing to talk dirty with you.

This is an excellent way to save money, because it can be done in the comfort of your own home without spending a penny. Obviously it does not hold a candle to booking an outcall, but the end result is generally the same.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Why Divine London Escorts is the best London Escorts agency

Finding a London escorts service that is going to be able to offer a varied and unique booking experience everytime you book with them is difficult. Well, not so much anymore many of you have probably never heard of Divine London Escorts so let me explain them to you. Divine London is a central London based escort agency which offers incall and outcall bookings to all of central London and the surrounding area.

Since establishing back in 2012 Divine has made great strides in ensuring that can provide its clients with a number of different companions. These companions have not only been picked just because they are some of the most stunning companions in London but also for the high-class standard they provide each of their clients.

Having personally spoke to the owner of Divine London I can attest to the high standards that they set for each of the girls. When we were discussing what it is that makes his agency stand our unlike many others in London there were a few things that he pointed out and they are as follow.

  • Wide range of companions from different backgrounds 
  • Wide range of services 
  • Wide coverage area including central and greater London. 

If you have a quick look at their website you can see this to be true just scrolling down their gallery shows you just how many different companions they have. If you are looking for a specific service and don't want to check every girl profile to see who offers it then don't worry. One the agencies homepage you can find a list of all services they offer as well as a full location list.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Ideal Accommodation for your Escort Encounter

When you’re booking an escort in London, accommodation should always be Exclusive Company London Escorts. They are a London Escort Agency, so they are a little pricey, but believe me they are worth every penny for their time and their London escorts.
An image icon from the London escort agency Exclusive Company London Escorts.
Exclusive Company London Escorts
Here you will find I will be writing this article to cover a couple of my favourite hotels in London for booking an escort, as I’ve often found that the location is the key to a good booking and if you spend less on a hotel, you can always expect less of an impressive booking.
An Image of the London escort Kelly from Exclusive Company London Escorts

An image of the escort in London Kelly from Exclusive Company London Escorts.An image of the Escort Kelly in London from Exclusive Company London Escorts.

Exclusive Company London Escorts - Kelly
Discretion is Our Criterion

London's Finest Hotels

With this in mind, it’s also important to consider which escorts you book and from which London Escort Agencies, so make sure you book from a reputable Agency, such as one of my personal favourites
A banner image from The Ritz Hotel London.
The Ritz Hotel, London.
Now, onto the hotels. Firstly, I would suggest the obvious, The Ritz London. This is a hotel which has gained almost unfathomable amounts of prestige as one of London’s most incredibly luxurious hotels and it is easy to see why, as one step through the door and you feel like you’ve stepped into a palace.

The décor is spectacular, the rooms are huge, the beds are so comfortable you might fall asleep the moment your head touches the pillow and the facilities are impeccable all around. This is one of those hotels in which it really doesn’t matter which room you get, every room is flawless and you will honestly struggle to find a more immaculate hotel, honestly I try to get a room here whenever I book a London escort as I’ve never found a hotel which is more perfect for the experience anywhere.

A more affordable Hotel in Kensington

However, if the Ritz is a little outside your budget, you’re not out of options. Another one of my personal favourites is the Kensington Park Grand Hotel, a large, yet reasonably priced hotel which I personally love for its spacious rooms and amazingly friendly and attentive staff.

It might not have all of the luxuries of the Ritz, but it has plenty to offer and a great location in Kensington very close to the high street, which makes it perfect for anyone looking for a dinner date booking due to the wealth of outstanding restaurants within a short walk of the hotel doors.

Friday, 8 July 2016

5 Ladies I Want To Party With In London

This list is of the top 5 women that we would like to go out with in London. All local girls that could show you the sights and have a great night out with. All have been picked for various reasons but mainly because they are sexy and would be great to go out with.

5. Victoria Beckham.
A photograph taken of the Victoria Beckham

Ok, I am probably on my own in thinking it would be a good night out with Victoria. She is however very good looking and David must see something so I am more intrigued to see what all the fuss is about. Maybe she has a wild streak on a night out? Or maybe it is all about looking good while everyone else looks on and wishes they were you. A local girl so would be good to take out and explore the lesser known clubs of the city.

4. Keira Knightley.

Although not strictly from London but from a town near Kingston this is a little less for local knowledge and more due to the incredible good looks and charm that she would bring to the evening. I bet she enjoys a good drink as well. We all know that it is the posh sounding girls that are the wildest and that they enjoy the most manic nights out.

3. Nigella Lawson.

A London resident and local this one would be a wild night if the recent claims are anything to go by. The famous television chef has had her dirty laundry aired in public recently but I am sure that from what has been said the night would stretch far off into the early hours. A definite choice for the big night out in the city as you will be in the hands of someone well-versed in the art of eating and drinking.

2. Eveline from Crush.
An image of the London escort Eveline from Crush Escorts.
Crush Escorts - Eveline
This choice is a little more of a wild one but stay with me. Eveline is a high-class escort that works with Crush Escorts and loves nothing more than to party with the elite of the city. Amazingly good looking and a cut above your average girl that you would meet on a night out.

1. Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne.

The original and current party models. Kate Moss is well known for enjoying the Rock and Roll lifestyle and with friends like Rihanna and Rita Ora, Cara is well on the way to the following suit. A night with these two international style icons would be too much for most men to take and could end up melting your brain but I am willing to take that risk.

Ok so I may have cheated on number 1 but it's my fantasy and I will do as I wish. Who would be your ideal date for a night out in London?

Monday, 27 June 2016

Don't Hide Your Tantric Massage from Your Partner

When discussing the idea of tantric massages a lot of people are scared to share their impulse with their partners to get one. Some, then, go as far as to lie to their partners about getting a massage just to avoid the fight or the feelings of hurt that might arise from telling someone you want to experience sensual energy being moved in your body while they’re not there. This seems noble but in reality it’s a dangerous endeavor. My one true advice is: Do not hide anything from your partner.

We are all aware of the stigma that comes with Tantra and are more than understanding as to why some men feel that keeping this secret from their partners is somehow in said partner’s benefit. But the truth of the matter is that there should be no guilt, no shame and no hiding the fact that we are all sexual beings and wish to experience our sensual energy in many different ways. This is not simply casual sex and, the truth is, it’s not sex at all. It can actually be used to heal from sexual traumas and also pains and aches that are physical and haven’t responded well to conventional treatments. Also, it has been shown to help deepen the connection between partners. Due to the release of Oxitocin people feel much more connected to those they love after a tantric massage.

This is to not mention how getting a tantric massage from Minx Massage can actually help you learn Tantra techniques that can then be used on your significant other. The great thing about this is that if you want to be sexual with them afterwards you can comply if you so wish. This also helps them and helps you but by lying and deceiving your partner you’re not helping, you’re actually hurting the experience.

So have a talk with your partner, explain what you’re going through and why you want to have this done. Perhaps even suggest a couple’s massage so that they can join you and you can experience the joy and freedom that comes with it together. 

Friday, 29 April 2016

Easy tips to boost your energy levels

A busy schedule can grind you down and leave you feeling exhausted or even suffering from long term fatigue. Many Guilty pleasures tantric Massage clients know the stresses of a busy schedule, public profile, high-pressure work environment and more. Here are some suggestions to boost your energy levels that are simpler than you might expect.
The first and most common tip is physical activity. Although you may be left feeling sluggish from dealing with life’s stresses, it is well known that exercise releases endorphins, your body’s natural energizing happy chemical. A fitness routine or even squeezing any exercise into your day is proven to boost your energy levels. Whilst this might seem counter productive. Simply try integrating a morning jog into your week routine or simply doing a set of 50 jumping jacks every day for a week and see if you notice the difference. This will not only provide a quick fix but help you build up resilience to life’s challenges.
A healthy sex life is also known to combat exhaustion and fatigue. While many people rely merely on their exercise routine, meditation or a healthy diet, these are often only solutions to part of the problem of low energy levels. Increasing the amount you exercise naturally boosts your sex drive and can lead to pent up sexual frustrations for many as their new toned physique seeks out a willing partner. A tantric massage London easily arranged at a central London location by a quick phone call to Guilty Pleasures is a convenient, regular solution to your pent up frustrations. As well as another guaranteed rejuvenation technique, leaving you energized and empowered.  
Another great solution to low energy levels is the addition of vitamin C supplements to your diet, or simply a daily glass of orange juice. This vitamin is known to quickly provide the energy your body needs. Note it cannot be absorbed without the addition of zinc so watch the label. Vitamins also are normally absorbed and released by the body quickly meaning daily intake is vital for maintaining optimum energy levels.