Friday, 29 April 2016

Easy tips to boost your energy levels

A busy schedule can grind you down and leave you feeling exhausted or even suffering from long term fatigue. Many Guilty pleasures tantric Massage clients know the stresses of a busy schedule, public profile, high-pressure work environment and more. Here are some suggestions to boost your energy levels that are simpler than you might expect.
The first and most common tip is physical activity. Although you may be left feeling sluggish from dealing with life’s stresses, it is well known that exercise releases endorphins, your body’s natural energizing happy chemical. A fitness routine or even squeezing any exercise into your day is proven to boost your energy levels. Whilst this might seem counter productive. Simply try integrating a morning jog into your week routine or simply doing a set of 50 jumping jacks every day for a week and see if you notice the difference. This will not only provide a quick fix but help you build up resilience to life’s challenges.
A healthy sex life is also known to combat exhaustion and fatigue. While many people rely merely on their exercise routine, meditation or a healthy diet, these are often only solutions to part of the problem of low energy levels. Increasing the amount you exercise naturally boosts your sex drive and can lead to pent up sexual frustrations for many as their new toned physique seeks out a willing partner. A tantric massage London easily arranged at a central London location by a quick phone call to Guilty Pleasures is a convenient, regular solution to your pent up frustrations. As well as another guaranteed rejuvenation technique, leaving you energized and empowered.  
Another great solution to low energy levels is the addition of vitamin C supplements to your diet, or simply a daily glass of orange juice. This vitamin is known to quickly provide the energy your body needs. Note it cannot be absorbed without the addition of zinc so watch the label. Vitamins also are normally absorbed and released by the body quickly meaning daily intake is vital for maintaining optimum energy levels.  

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

The History Of Tantra

The history of Tantra massage London begins roughly 9000 years ago in the Himalayan mountains. It is sad to come from the Goddess Shiva herself and it’s one of the few religious movements that focuses on the worship of women as their main deity. In tantric massages the female is the lead and she allows the man to surrender to her divine femininity. During the practice of Tantric sensual massage, a man will be at the will of a woman and this will allow him to experience orgasmic emotions and heightened pleasure. 

Tantric sensual massages revive the ancient belief that women are the ones who lead the sensual and sexual role. It has been shown that through empowering women this way men can wreak the benefits of allowing themselves to be dominated and sensually stimulated through a touch trained to move sexual energy throughout his body.

During Tantric message a man’s sexual energy is moved through his key pints and up his spine (his central nervous system). This action ultimately heightens a man’s senses and allows him to feel pleasure in a new and powerful way. The woman, essentially, takes a man’s burning passion and uses it fuel herself and allow him to release his energy in a way that will leave him feeling revitalized.

According to tantric believes, a man can only be revitalized by receiving and surrendering to a woman trained in the Tantra. Sadly, this practice was almost lost when religion and society replaced the feelings of empowerment and pleasure that come with Tantra with guilt and fear. This has left men constantly searching for that energy and passion but unable to truly reach its full capacity.

The art of Tantra has been reborn, however, and our Goddesses are trained to bring back this sensual stimulation and allow a man to experience the true power of female empowerment. By surrendering yourself to the trained touch and power of a woman you’ll find a new found vitality you could only dream of before your first tantric sensual experience. 

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Japanese Sento and Skinship

Sento (or銭湯) is the name for a Japanese communal bathhouse. As many provincial or even basic city centre accommodations do not have a bathroom it is still a day-to-day occurrence for many Japanese people to visit these seemingly archaic spots. Sento is pay per entrance and prices are usually very cheap, less than a couple of pounds a visit. Since more and more Japanese homes have baths there has been a gradual decline in the use of Sento bathhouses. However many, especially older people, relish the social experience of Sento and defend its value.

In Japanese culture there is a theory that physical proximity, or intimacy, fufills the basic human need for emotional intimacy and sharing a space with other naked humans provides this much desired experience otherwise absence in many people’s lives. This is refereed to by Japanese people as ‘skinship’, a pseudo English term for the fulfilment of this need.

In the West we often experience feelings of extreme loneliness, even when enjoying an avid social life, when physical intimacy is lacking in our private lives. The absence of another human meeting our sexual needs is sorely felt and can have adverse psychological affects. In the worst case scenario loneliness can lead to feelings of isolation and even depression. In keeping with the Japanese notion of ‘skinship’, erotic massage it is widely reported to alleviate these feelings of lack and is a valuable tool for maintaining a healthy lifestyle alongside a busy schedule that may not allow for romantic relationships.

Imagine the many benefits of having all your physical needs met by one of Love Tantric London
’s stunning and caring masseuses. There is no questioning the value of sharing unique moments of intimacy with one of our beautiful girls, be that in the context of a classic tantric massage or the greater intimacy of a body-to-body experience. Each of Love Tantric London’s beautiful girls is not only expertly trained to meet your needs but is carefully selected for not only her looks but her caring nature and intuitive ability to meet the needs of her clients in an intimate setting. Amongst the many benefits of erotic baggage, the emotional virtues of relieving stress, releasing negative energy and of physical intimacy are often ignored when they are amongst the greatest gifts a masseuse has to offer.  

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

How to Prepare Accordingly for Your London Escort Booking.

There are many reasons why you might want to book an escort in London, but what’s really important is that you don’t get ahead of yourself and you prepare accordingly. This could involve a few things, such as ensuring that you have taken care ahead of time to plan which hotel you want to carry out your booking in. This is of course an important factor and not planning ahead is a rookie mistake. So, make sure you’ve worked out which hotel is perfect for your booking and you have a room booked before you even think about booking your escort, as this could lead to a lot of potential embarrassment.

The next important factor I’m going to talk about ties in quite well with the first one. Make sure your choice of hotel is suitable for your booking, as some room in a run-down bed and breakfast simply doesn’t cut it when you’re booking some of the most stunning and high class girls in the country, make sure you’ve booked a good room in a reputable and respectable hotel. Then you want to make sure you’ve thought about refreshments, have you left yourself with money for the hotel and an escort from a reputable agency such as London Seduction Girls, then neglected any other additional expenses that could improve your evening tenfold?

Once you’ve been thorough with your plans and everything is set to go smoothly, it’s important that you present yourself impeccably. This does not of course, require you to be a male model, but it does mean that you need to make sure that you’re clean and presentable. Make sure you shower just before your booking, whip out that expensive aftershave and dust off that old suit. Make sure you look as good as you possibly can, just like you would with any other date, and that you’ve shaved, showered and really made the effort to be the best you can be. This sort of forethought goes a long way and is sure to make your booking just that little bit more perfect.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Hank Moody is a writer

Hank Moody is a writer, he lives in California, has a daughter, a very confusing love life and a funny as fuck Jewish bald agent.

You want to know what he is the greatest man to ever have lived – on the television screen, you just can’t help but like the man, he makes you laugh, he makes you want to be him and he doesn’t stop giving. There you go that’s a great intro to the best TV character, in my honest opinion that has ever been written.

Hank is the star of the TV show Californication, there has been a law suit going on for some years now between the shows creators and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers with regards to the name, I am hoping that any one that loves the sound of an axe knows what it is that I am talking about – if you don’t then I my friends feel sorry for you as you are missing out.

Played by David Duchonvy – Fox Moulder in the X-Files, another of the worlds greatest TV shows, although Hank unlike Fox has a rather large passion for women. I know Scully was hot but there and she most probably had a very wild side I doubt that she was as game as one of Rachaels London Escorts. Why have I brought escorts into a blog about a TV show? Well that’s what Califorication is all about, sex , drugs and rock n roll. There is nothing more rock n roll than a bunch of escorts, a writer and some very sexy screens!

So could that be the entire show in a nut shell? I have no idea, I know that I am enjoying writing it, I am enjoying watching it, watching Hank brings out the creative part in me, he makes me want to put pen to paper, would it be more like fingers to buttons?
The show has now finished its run, in fact it finished up a few years a go, I think that we are missing a great bit of television history there.
It all seems a little deep! Lets get back to the escorts! In one episode Hank hooks up with an escort called Trixy, she does remind me of a few of the very sexy ladies whom I saw via Dior Escorts London, she has that naughty but sweet look about her, a look that comes from being a very confident women, a woman, more a escort whom wears a strap on for her games, a women that could ride a man like he was a toy horse, someone very much in control of their life.

If you don’t know what I am talking about then you have got to watch the show, keep an eye out for Lou Ashby, another great character, another show stealer

Monday, 1 February 2016

Why You Should Book From Sirens For an Exceptional Evening

London is an incredible place and if you’ve been here yourself, I’m sure you will agree. What truly makes London special is the great selection of girls you can choose from to keep yourself company, the high class escort agencies that are unlike anywhere else in the country. However if you’re looking to enjoy the high class London escorts experience, you’ve got to book from the right place. There are literally hundreds of choices and it can be very difficult to decide which agency website or directory is the right place for you to personally book from. In this article I will be talking about why I think
that the best escort agency available in London today is without a doubt, Sirens London.

This is an escort agency with that little bit extra to offer, with some of the most exclusive and high class girls you can always feel confident that you’re getting a companion who can leave you more than satisfied. These are girls who have excellent manners, bubbly personalities and model good looks that will leave your colleagues jaws dead on the ground as they accompany you to a corporate event, or that will turn heads in any restaurant that you choose as a classy location for a romantic dinner date. They provide flawless service to the client, whether it’s a cold, rainy Monday in January or a warm summer’s day, it really doesn’t matter to these highly professional and dedicated girls.

With girls like these however, it is important that you uphold your end of the bargain, if you’re going to book a hotel, make sure it is one of the most luxurious, classy and extravagant hotels you can find, somewhere like the Ritz or Hotel 41 and you are sure to be rewarded. There is no shortage of these amazing hotels in the London area and I’m sure you will not regret making one of these your choice of venue for a booking with one of London’s lovely Sirens.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Are All Women In Cheshire Wags?

Thanks to the media and the press the majority of people have the impression that women from Cheshire are WAG’s or ladies who lunch and live off their rich husbands. While there are ladies in Cheshire who are just that, the majority of women do not fall under this category. Cheshire has given birth too many women who have become successful in their own right. They do not live off their partners or daddies and have forged successful businesses from the ground up. They have bought their own multimillion pound mansions and live a high life that is completely funded by themselves.

An example would be Cheshire business woman of the year Suzan Thompson, who won two awards in this year’s Forward Ladies North West and Isle of Man Women in Business Awards. Thompson is the managing director of high end Cheshire property firm Elegant Address, who specialise in Luxury Villas on the Cote D’Azur. Their experienced team of property consultants offers their super rich clients a personal service. They are knowledgeable about the villas they rent out and sell, plus know all there is about the surrounding areas to ensure their clients find exactly what they are looking for. Since 2004 Suzan has taken her business from strength to strength with a team of strong women around her.

Another example of Cheshire’s independently successful women would be the Cheshire escorts from Exclusive Company Escorts. Cheshter escorts are sensationally beautiful, well educated women who have high powered careers during the daylight hours and spend time with discerning gentlemen of an evening. They do not rely on a man to fund their glamourous lifestyles, they are successful business women who choose to escort for the thrill of spending time with discerning gentlemen who will wine and dine them and have passionate sex with them for a time they choose.

Cheshire escorts from Exclusive Company Escorts are owned by no man, they work hard and play hard and drive the discerning gentlemen they spend time with wild. Their independence only adds to their irresistible sex appeal, many gentlemen love for them to meet them in their pencil skirts and heels, like they have just come to see the from their businesses. No one apart from Exclusive Company and the gentlemen they spend time with knows about their afterhours activities. So if you ever attend the Cheshire business women awards, look around in wonder, as any one of those ladies could be a Cheshire escort.