Friday, 3 January 2014

Sexy Shemales not ladies!

Yes that is right this list a list of the hottest shemale escorts in the city of London. This list is not based on my opinion at all in fact I do not book TS escorts at all but, I have done a lot of research to make this article. This mainly consisted of checking out the feedback on the escort agency websites across the internet – not only looking for people who were the most satisfied but, how much feedback they had in total. One of the best ways to find reviews on the internet about shemales is to look on websites like On there you will see a huge community of people who really do book these escorts and are happy to be honest about the experience. Some of the most experienced “punters” can be found on websites and have given me the best advice about which girls should appear on my list of the top 5 she male escorts in London currently.

One escort service which came up as being constantly providing these girls exclusively is the London lady boys website. You will see from this escort agency very shortly so without talking any more Let’s get onto the list and of course the pictures.

Kimber James

Natalia Coxxx

TS Helen

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