Thursday, 8 February 2018

Our Guide To Booking Escorts In London

As somebody who books a fair few escorts, I feel like it is my responsibility to share with you good people the dos and the don'ts of booking London escorts as well as a few top tips of where to go when booking an who to book! Probably our number 1 tip is to book agency escorts, as they are just so much better in every way, they love there job more so are way more enthusiastic, they are usually a bit cheaper and they are just incredibly beautiful as well as very funny and have great personalities.

Service has always been a vital part of booking escorts, and this is something that we feel is always present with agencies. Especially with agencies such as Boss London Escorts who have a 24-hour receptionist service that is always on hand to bring to help. As you can probably tell our favorite agency in London is the incredible services of Boss London Escorts, a well established team of individuals with an impressive range of ladies definitely worth checking out.

So one, question that people always ask us, is whether to go for a high class London escort from Boss London escorts or not and our answer to them is always yes. The reason why we always say yes is because you can never be too sure with agencies that brand themselves as cheap, you don't know whether the images are real, which girl is going to turn up and also how interesting the companion is going to be to talk to and interact with.

We have had the incredible chance to experience the first hand beauty and attraction of the collection of ladies available at Boss London Escorts, something that has clearly been built up over the many years of their service.  Now we're am not saying that all agencies in London aregoing to be legit, but your chances are a lot better of them being the real deal and you getting exactly what you pay for!

In terms of where to take your sexy companion on a date, there are many options, but a personal favourite of mine is a restaurant with a fantastic menu and an even better atmosphere, that really gets the mood going between you and your date. The restaurant is called The Ledbury and it is amazing, I would highly recommend you check it out!

Also be sure to head over to Boss London Escorts for your chance at a night with a hot companion.

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