Thursday, 17 December 2015

Are All Women In Cheshire Wags?

Thanks to the media and the press the majority of people have the impression that women from Cheshire are WAG’s or ladies who lunch and live off their rich husbands. While there are ladies in Cheshire who are just that, the majority of women do not fall under this category. Cheshire has given birth too many women who have become successful in their own right. They do not live off their partners or daddies and have forged successful businesses from the ground up. They have bought their own multimillion pound mansions and live a high life that is completely funded by themselves.

An example would be Cheshire business woman of the year Suzan Thompson, who won two awards in this year’s Forward Ladies North West and Isle of Man Women in Business Awards. Thompson is the managing director of high end Cheshire property firm Elegant Address, who specialise in Luxury Villas on the Cote D’Azur. Their experienced team of property consultants offers their super rich clients a personal service. They are knowledgeable about the villas they rent out and sell, plus know all there is about the surrounding areas to ensure their clients find exactly what they are looking for. Since 2004 Suzan has taken her business from strength to strength with a team of strong women around her.

Another example of Cheshire’s independently successful women would be the Cheshire escorts from Exclusive Company Escorts. Cheshter escorts are sensationally beautiful, well educated women who have high powered careers during the daylight hours and spend time with discerning gentlemen of an evening. They do not rely on a man to fund their glamourous lifestyles, they are successful business women who choose to escort for the thrill of spending time with discerning gentlemen who will wine and dine them and have passionate sex with them for a time they choose.

Cheshire escorts from Exclusive Company Escorts are owned by no man, they work hard and play hard and drive the discerning gentlemen they spend time with wild. Their independence only adds to their irresistible sex appeal, many gentlemen love for them to meet them in their pencil skirts and heels, like they have just come to see the from their businesses. No one apart from Exclusive Company and the gentlemen they spend time with knows about their afterhours activities. So if you ever attend the Cheshire business women awards, look around in wonder, as any one of those ladies could be a Cheshire escort. 

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Conrad London St. James

Conrad London St. James is a hotel in London that is not as well-known as other hotels yet it is such an incredible hotel to be staying at when you are in London. This top notch property is an extravagant place to be staying when in London. Here you can discover more information about this incredible hotel and why it is worth the stay if you are looking for a hotel to stay at.

When people think of a hotel in London Conrad London St. James is not the hotel that comes to your mind at least not straight away. It may only come to your mind if you have previously visited this hotel then you will know for yourself just how amazing this hotel is. London is populated with many amazing hotels and Conrad London is up there with the best. This is due to a number of reasons but all in all is their ability to provide an exquisite experience to guests. The staff here are very welcoming and friendly making your stay here feel much more pleasant. The rooms here at Conrad London are something you would expect every classy hotel in London to be like, luxury, comfortable and amazing for an evening of relaxation.

A high class hotel in London such as Conrad London St. James is a brilliant location for you to spend an evening with an International Bunnies high class London escort. Having a booking with an International Bunnies escort at such a fine establishment in London is a fabulous way to spend your evening. I would keep in mind that the Kensington escorts from International Bunnies are the best that London has to offer this is because Kensington is one of London’s most affluent areas meaning it has the highest class escorts available for booking today.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Crush Escorts Paddington Escorts Review

Last week I was in London for a business meeting and I had to spend 4 days there due to a lot of things needed to be discussed.  The company I am with had already booked a room for me which was at the Novotel in Paddington - Novotel London Paddington 3 Kingdom Street Sheldon Square Paddington W2 6BD -  which was amazing and very big but I was feeling a bit lonely in there by myself.

So after the business dinner, I had a look on the internet using  Google and I found this nice looking and professional London based escort agency - - which had a lot of gorgeous girls for me to pick from but they all seemed to have great reviews and great prices which are hard to find in London.

Finally I decided that it would be Karina who I would book for a one hour outcall service to which she showed up at my hotel room, because she also lived in Paddington so she could be there quite quickly as it was convenient for her and I phoned the agency up booked Karina and she was at my room within the next two hours which I think is a fantastic service from a client's perspective.

When Karina turned up at my room she was looking impeccable, tall, slim, curvy and a very attractive bust size/cleavage. We both sat down had a glass of wine and something to eat before the fun started. It definitely made my evening better than I could ever imagine and I am still thinking of her one week later she was that amazing. Next time I visit London I will surely call Crush Escorts again and no doubt I will be seeing Karina who I decide to see again.

An image of the Paddington Escort Karina.
Crush Escorts - Karina

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Best areas in London

As you most likely already know London is an incredible city with so much to offer but have ever thought about the best locations in London? Here you will discover some of the best London locations that are well known areas to have an exiting night in London.

Starting off is the affluent area of Kensington which is a well-known area to the wealthy residents of London. This luxury part of London has a great deal to offer, starting off you could spend some time in the incredible high class restaurants in Kensington. The restaurants in Kensington are not your average place to get some food, they are luxury venues with professional chefs cooking delicious dishes which you will enjoy while dining in a beautiful atmosphere. The wealthy gentlemen of Kensington like to spend their free time in the company off a beautiful London escort and the escorts in Kensington are spectacular compared to any other London locations. If you are looking for an experience you will not forget with a beautiful escort head over to a London escort directory with a fantastic range of sexy London escorts that you can book at a moment’s notice.

The next brilliant part of London is the well-known Mayfair area which has everything you need making it a fantastic area straight away. Whether you are looking to have a day of shopping in some of the best shops in London or perhaps you want a quite evening relaxing in an affluent hotel, this wonderful part of London has it all. Here in Mayfair there is an amazing nightlife every weekend where people head to the finest venues in search for a fantastic experience in Mayfair. You can enjoy your evening by spending time in some of London’s most luxury bars or perhaps during your day you could simply have a gentle walk through this affluent part of London.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Affluent Hotels in London

London is perhaps one of the most classiest and high end cities in the United Kingdom and as I’m sure you would expect London is home to some of Britain’s most affluent and luxury hotels that are an excellent way to relax after a long day in this incredible yet busy city. Below you will find a small handful of affluent hotels that are some really fantastic places to stay in London.

Up first of affluent hotels in London is the unbelievably luxury Kensington Hotel which is a very high end place to stay in the affluent area of Kensington. The Kensington Hotel is simply outstanding everything from the interior decorations to the helpful, caring and friendly staff that will not stop until you could not be more pleased. This hotel is a popular spot for the wealthy gentlemen of London to treat himself and a beautiful Kensington escort to Kensington’s finest hotel. For a fantastic option for Kensington escorts try International Bunnies which is a Kensington escorts agency that hosts a magnificent range of beautiful high class London escorts.

The next affluent hotel is The Ritz London which is an amazing hotel experience were you will be treated to a very standard with compliantly bottles of champagne and service that is incredible brought by staff who are friendly caring and very professional. This hotel is a fantastic option for treating yourself or anybody else who is looking for a memorable stay in London.

Lastly we have The Savoy which is not a cheap option but neither is any of London’s affluent hotels however you do really get what you pay for. The beauty of this hotel is impeccable you will be able to tell how much effort has been put into making this hotel what it is known for today and that is why it is an amazing luxury  London hotel. Be sure to visit any of the listed hotels for a true hotel experience you will not forget.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Marylebone escorts loving the high life

In the escorting industry it really does depend on where you’re based if you’re in London.  London Deluxes Marylebone escorts have the distinct advantage of being located in an area where there is much to do, whether they’re working or not…

We’re going to introduce you to a few places you simply have to visit when you’re in London, if you’re staying in and around Marylebone.  The places we mention are actually based on the experience of the Marylebone escorts you will see on our website and we also try to focus on current events as often as we can on this blog; we find that it helps our clients as more of a resource for what to do.  If you can choose your girl and where you’re going to take her on the same website it’s go to help!

Marylebone escorts love pubs too you know

They may not frequent the pubs like you do, and they may well spend most of their career hours in fancy bars, restaurants and hotels, but in their down time they still like the good old fashioned London pub.  But then if you’re not going to insist on the traditional style pub, why not go for something a little more culturally historic.  Alright, we know it’s not exactly English culture, but Purl on Blandford Street is a delightful little bar based on the speak easy theme.  A nice, intimate yet exciting experience, not matter who you’re with.

Out to eat with your escort

Eating out isn’t hard in London anyway we know, you can walk out of one place and quite literally work into another, but here are a couple of nice intimate places we recommend where you can relax and get to know the companion you’ve booked.  We won’t go into details about each, but you can take it from us that they’re great!

·         The Chiltern Firehouse – Chiltern Street

·         Briciole – Homer Street

·         Comptoir Libanais – Wigmore Street

·         Dinings – Harcourt Street

What else is there to do?

In Marylebone at the moment, among many other things we would recommend checking out, one that stands out to many of us here considering it’s summertime is spending some time in Regent’s Park.  You might think “yeah, a walk in the park, so what?” but Regent’s Park really is something else.  It’s among the nicest kept gardens in the city and it’s a very popular place for young lovers!  You can also go boating or even catch some live music at the bandstand.  Who needs to spend loads of money when there’s a park and some lovely weather?

No matter what you do, don’t forget to book some company!

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The Importance Of Mutual Respect with London escorts

Respect is a giving and receiving practice that is important in any interaction between people. When spending time in the company of a high class Honeys of London escort this respect must be extended to all aspects of your social and intimate engagement.

How To Show Respect

You have chosen to spend quality time with a beautiful female companion. Like a normal date you will have to spend time getting to know her, making her feel relaxed in your company and engaging in fun and flirtatious conversation. The high class London escort is fully aware how a gentleman should behave and act and will be expecting you to treat her accordingly. Show her the respect she deserves by being careful with the words you speak, accepting boundaries and showing consideration at all times.

Choose Your Words With Care

It is understandable that you may be a little excited about spending time with a desirable and sexy companion. You may be anxious or nervous and this may make your words come out in a way that you hadn’t anticipated. Relax and take your time with conversation. You have bookedan appointment with the exclusive London escorts and there is no rush. Use compliments to convey your thoughts and allow the interaction to open up naturally.

Acknowledge Interaction

Show respect by valuing your companion’s viewpoint and contribution to the conversation. Your exclusive London escort booking provides an opportunity for you to get to know an attractive woman in a desirable setting at a time of your choosing. Be flexible about how the conversation develops and you’ll soon find you are engaging in flirtatious and fun banter.

Show Consideration

As a gentleman you know how to treat a woman. The high class London escort you have chosen to meet is a classy lady who loves to feel appreciated and valued. Show respect and consideration and you’ll have her entire attention for the duration of your agreed time together. Wine and dine her and engage her in fun and flirtatious conversation. Consider her needs as well as yours.

Honour Boundaries

A high class London escort follows a code of conduct that protects her professional and personal boundaries. Always respect this. This includes not over stepping the mark where physical touching and contact is concerned, using acceptable and appropriate language and demonstrating respectful behaviour throughout the time you spend together. Acting honourably is the gentlemanly thing to do and is always welcomed and appreciated.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Dior Escorts: High Class London Escorts Services

London is known across the world as being a very high end place and one of the social hot spots of the world. When booking a London escort why go for anything better than the best.

You wouldn't go out to eat at some grubby restaurant so why should you companion for the night be. So when looking to book a girl for the night I would recommend that you go for a company such as Dior Escorts.

Dior Escorts have some of the most stunning girls you will ever see. If you would like to have a look at what Dior Escorts has to offer see their website as they have many  different escorts services to choose from in many locations across London. One service I'd recommend is the Sloane Avenue Escorts, the gallery is filled with profiles and I always have an amazing time in this part of London, the companions there know exactly how to treat a man and have a great time.

From the second you meet one of their girls you will be stunned by the standards these girls set for themselves. They truly are an amazing example of true high class London escorts. At Dior Escorts they take recruitment very seriously as they only want to provide you with the best possible girls they can.

They have a strict recruiting screening process to ensure they have only the best escorts in London. All of Dior Escorts' girls are very friendly and welcoming, so you don’t need to feel worried when you are meeting one of the girls.

a photograph taken of Kiki from Sloane Avenue Escorts.
Dior Escorts - Kiki
Dior Escorts' girls are perfect for any occasion you could imaging. If you need someone to accompany you to that boring company dinner then Dior Escorts have a girl for you who we can guarantee will have all of you co-workers turning their heads wondering how they can get a girl like that.

If you are looking for that perfect girl to treat to a night out on the town then Dior Escorts will have a girl for you. Their selection of girls is a force to be reckoned with and all of their girls take pride in themselves and love it when a man takes notice.

If you are looking to book one of Dior Escorts' amazing girls then head on over to their website and get ready to start planning the perfect evening for you and one of the girls tonight.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

A Meal Out in Ibiza

With rows of quaint wooden chairs and tables set up on the cobble street of Dalt Vila, the outstanding restaurant La Oliva resides. The owners Rene and Ursula Salle have made this restaurant into a little heaven for all to visit. The restaurant has been designed to be extremely romantic and will have any couple locked in each other’s embrace by the end of the night. This would be an amazing place to take any girl with I would suggest checking out Ibiza Escort Agency if looking for a girl to take with you.

The extensive menu offers very modern and healthy meals with a traditional Mediterranean and Asiatic twist. The menu has something for everyone no matter what your taste. They all boast to have of the most impressive wine list on all of Ibiza. This list contains some hard-to-find French drops and biological wines as well as some well-known brands. They also have a very large selection of meals which are produced using local and fresh ingredients purchased on day of cooking.

I have visited this place multiple times so I would like to give you an idea of what you could order. So I would suggest if you can take a seat outside this gives the evening a very romantic feel as you are enjoying your meal under the stars. Now I would suggest ordering a red ’98 as it was one of the better years. Now I suggest going for a main such as the Asparagus Risotto. Now remember when you’re on the date try and impress your companion just because you paid doesn’t mean anything to any but you. Companions are people to so make sure that you treat her well. 

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Manchester is one of the finest cities to dine in

Manchester is one of the finest cities to dine in, and everybody who is anybody will be seen around this chic city. Take a walk down Lloyd Street, M2 5AB, and you will stumble upon a one point three million pound Italian Restaurant called Gusto, which was inspired by the classic grand cafes of Europe. The restaurant is just divine, marble surfaces, leather booths and wooden flooring, serving only the finest wines and cocktails from a bar situated in the centre of the restaurant. It is one of the most affable and sophisticated restaurants in the whole of Manchester. So much so that the Manchester City Football Team along with their partners had their Christmas party at the venue on Saturday 20th December, completely booking up the whole of the upper floor. The all-star team was celebrating a special victory they had achieved earlier on that day, beating Crystal Palace with a hands down three nil victory.

Gusto had floods of press outside the front doors trying to peak in to this special moment. All of the teams stunning girlfriends, wives and a number of Exclusive CompanyManchester escorts accompanied them and were dressed up to the nines, in stylish dresses made for the red carpet. They all enjoyed a few drinks before enjoying a perfectly selected indulgent Italian classics from the menu, which featured Lobster Thermidor and a whole rack of Lamb, both of which are of the highest quality. The food is very impressive and succulent, its heaven on a plate, it is safe to say that the Manchester City Team will be back, as the staff received incredible feedback to the chef and the waiters for being very professional, and swift with their orders.

Gusto is known for being celeb central and brings in high profits for going that extra mile with the presentation of the restaurant and of course the food. It is an ideal setting for events of all occasions including live music events. If you would like to book an event or take a certain special Exclusive Company Manchester escort to this lavish venue I would advise that you book ahead as this wonderful restaurant is usually fully booked. If there are more than six of you looking to dine at Gusto then it is necessary you phone the restaurant directly so you have given plenty of notice to reserve the best place in the venue and once there you can fulfil your desires with whatever you wish.