Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Manchester is one of the finest cities to dine in

Manchester is one of the finest cities to dine in, and everybody who is anybody will be seen around this chic city. Take a walk down Lloyd Street, M2 5AB, and you will stumble upon a one point three million pound Italian Restaurant called Gusto, which was inspired by the classic grand cafes of Europe. The restaurant is just divine, marble surfaces, leather booths and wooden flooring, serving only the finest wines and cocktails from a bar situated in the centre of the restaurant. It is one of the most affable and sophisticated restaurants in the whole of Manchester. So much so that the Manchester City Football Team along with their partners had their Christmas party at the venue on Saturday 20th December, completely booking up the whole of the upper floor. The all-star team was celebrating a special victory they had achieved earlier on that day, beating Crystal Palace with a hands down three nil victory.

Gusto had floods of press outside the front doors trying to peak in to this special moment. All of the teams stunning girlfriends, wives and a number of Exclusive CompanyManchester escorts accompanied them and were dressed up to the nines, in stylish dresses made for the red carpet. They all enjoyed a few drinks before enjoying a perfectly selected indulgent Italian classics from the menu, which featured Lobster Thermidor and a whole rack of Lamb, both of which are of the highest quality. The food is very impressive and succulent, its heaven on a plate, it is safe to say that the Manchester City Team will be back, as the staff received incredible feedback to the chef and the waiters for being very professional, and swift with their orders.

Gusto is known for being celeb central and brings in high profits for going that extra mile with the presentation of the restaurant and of course the food. It is an ideal setting for events of all occasions including live music events. If you would like to book an event or take a certain special Exclusive Company Manchester escort to this lavish venue I would advise that you book ahead as this wonderful restaurant is usually fully booked. If there are more than six of you looking to dine at Gusto then it is necessary you phone the restaurant directly so you have given plenty of notice to reserve the best place in the venue and once there you can fulfil your desires with whatever you wish.