Thursday, 26 March 2015

A Meal Out in Ibiza

With rows of quaint wooden chairs and tables set up on the cobble street of Dalt Vila, the outstanding restaurant La Oliva resides. The owners Rene and Ursula Salle have made this restaurant into a little heaven for all to visit. The restaurant has been designed to be extremely romantic and will have any couple locked in each other’s embrace by the end of the night. This would be an amazing place to take any girl with I would suggest checking out Ibiza Escort Agency if looking for a girl to take with you.

The extensive menu offers very modern and healthy meals with a traditional Mediterranean and Asiatic twist. The menu has something for everyone no matter what your taste. They all boast to have of the most impressive wine list on all of Ibiza. This list contains some hard-to-find French drops and biological wines as well as some well-known brands. They also have a very large selection of meals which are produced using local and fresh ingredients purchased on day of cooking.

I have visited this place multiple times so I would like to give you an idea of what you could order. So I would suggest if you can take a seat outside this gives the evening a very romantic feel as you are enjoying your meal under the stars. Now I would suggest ordering a red ’98 as it was one of the better years. Now I suggest going for a main such as the Asparagus Risotto. Now remember when you’re on the date try and impress your companion just because you paid doesn’t mean anything to any but you. Companions are people to so make sure that you treat her well. 

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