Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The Importance Of Mutual Respect with London escorts

Respect is a giving and receiving practice that is important in any interaction between people. When spending time in the company of a high class Honeys of London escort this respect must be extended to all aspects of your social and intimate engagement.

How To Show Respect

You have chosen to spend quality time with a beautiful female companion. Like a normal date you will have to spend time getting to know her, making her feel relaxed in your company and engaging in fun and flirtatious conversation. The high class London escort is fully aware how a gentleman should behave and act and will be expecting you to treat her accordingly. Show her the respect she deserves by being careful with the words you speak, accepting boundaries and showing consideration at all times.

Choose Your Words With Care

It is understandable that you may be a little excited about spending time with a desirable and sexy companion. You may be anxious or nervous and this may make your words come out in a way that you hadn’t anticipated. Relax and take your time with conversation. You have bookedan appointment with the exclusive London escorts and there is no rush. Use compliments to convey your thoughts and allow the interaction to open up naturally.

Acknowledge Interaction

Show respect by valuing your companion’s viewpoint and contribution to the conversation. Your exclusive London escort booking provides an opportunity for you to get to know an attractive woman in a desirable setting at a time of your choosing. Be flexible about how the conversation develops and you’ll soon find you are engaging in flirtatious and fun banter.

Show Consideration

As a gentleman you know how to treat a woman. The high class London escort you have chosen to meet is a classy lady who loves to feel appreciated and valued. Show respect and consideration and you’ll have her entire attention for the duration of your agreed time together. Wine and dine her and engage her in fun and flirtatious conversation. Consider her needs as well as yours.

Honour Boundaries

A high class London escort follows a code of conduct that protects her professional and personal boundaries. Always respect this. This includes not over stepping the mark where physical touching and contact is concerned, using acceptable and appropriate language and demonstrating respectful behaviour throughout the time you spend together. Acting honourably is the gentlemanly thing to do and is always welcomed and appreciated.