Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Marylebone escorts loving the high life

In the escorting industry it really does depend on where you’re based if you’re in London.  London Deluxes Marylebone escorts have the distinct advantage of being located in an area where there is much to do, whether they’re working or not…

We’re going to introduce you to a few places you simply have to visit when you’re in London, if you’re staying in and around Marylebone.  The places we mention are actually based on the experience of the Marylebone escorts you will see on our website and we also try to focus on current events as often as we can on this blog; we find that it helps our clients as more of a resource for what to do.  If you can choose your girl and where you’re going to take her on the same website it’s go to help!

Marylebone escorts love pubs too you know

They may not frequent the pubs like you do, and they may well spend most of their career hours in fancy bars, restaurants and hotels, but in their down time they still like the good old fashioned London pub.  But then if you’re not going to insist on the traditional style pub, why not go for something a little more culturally historic.  Alright, we know it’s not exactly English culture, but Purl on Blandford Street is a delightful little bar based on the speak easy theme.  A nice, intimate yet exciting experience, not matter who you’re with.

Out to eat with your escort

Eating out isn’t hard in London anyway we know, you can walk out of one place and quite literally work into another, but here are a couple of nice intimate places we recommend where you can relax and get to know the companion you’ve booked.  We won’t go into details about each, but you can take it from us that they’re great!

·         The Chiltern Firehouse – Chiltern Street

·         Briciole – Homer Street

·         Comptoir Libanais – Wigmore Street

·         Dinings – Harcourt Street

What else is there to do?

In Marylebone at the moment, among many other things we would recommend checking out, one that stands out to many of us here considering it’s summertime is spending some time in Regent’s Park.  You might think “yeah, a walk in the park, so what?” but Regent’s Park really is something else.  It’s among the nicest kept gardens in the city and it’s a very popular place for young lovers!  You can also go boating or even catch some live music at the bandstand.  Who needs to spend loads of money when there’s a park and some lovely weather?

No matter what you do, don’t forget to book some company!