Thursday, 6 August 2015

Affluent Hotels in London

London is perhaps one of the most classiest and high end cities in the United Kingdom and as I’m sure you would expect London is home to some of Britain’s most affluent and luxury hotels that are an excellent way to relax after a long day in this incredible yet busy city. Below you will find a small handful of affluent hotels that are some really fantastic places to stay in London.

Up first of affluent hotels in London is the unbelievably luxury Kensington Hotel which is a very high end place to stay in the affluent area of Kensington. The Kensington Hotel is simply outstanding everything from the interior decorations to the helpful, caring and friendly staff that will not stop until you could not be more pleased. This hotel is a popular spot for the wealthy gentlemen of London to treat himself and a beautiful Kensington escort to Kensington’s finest hotel. For a fantastic option for Kensington escorts try International Bunnies which is a Kensington escorts agency that hosts a magnificent range of beautiful high class London escorts.

The next affluent hotel is The Ritz London which is an amazing hotel experience were you will be treated to a very standard with compliantly bottles of champagne and service that is incredible brought by staff who are friendly caring and very professional. This hotel is a fantastic option for treating yourself or anybody else who is looking for a memorable stay in London.

Lastly we have The Savoy which is not a cheap option but neither is any of London’s affluent hotels however you do really get what you pay for. The beauty of this hotel is impeccable you will be able to tell how much effort has been put into making this hotel what it is known for today and that is why it is an amazing luxury  London hotel. Be sure to visit any of the listed hotels for a true hotel experience you will not forget.