Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Best areas in London

As you most likely already know London is an incredible city with so much to offer but have ever thought about the best locations in London? Here you will discover some of the best London locations that are well known areas to have an exiting night in London.

Starting off is the affluent area of Kensington which is a well-known area to the wealthy residents of London. This luxury part of London has a great deal to offer, starting off you could spend some time in the incredible high class restaurants in Kensington. The restaurants in Kensington are not your average place to get some food, they are luxury venues with professional chefs cooking delicious dishes which you will enjoy while dining in a beautiful atmosphere. The wealthy gentlemen of Kensington like to spend their free time in the company off a beautiful London escort and the escorts in Kensington are spectacular compared to any other London locations. If you are looking for an experience you will not forget with a beautiful escort head over to a London escort directory with a fantastic range of sexy London escorts that you can book at a moment’s notice.

The next brilliant part of London is the well-known Mayfair area which has everything you need making it a fantastic area straight away. Whether you are looking to have a day of shopping in some of the best shops in London or perhaps you want a quite evening relaxing in an affluent hotel, this wonderful part of London has it all. Here in Mayfair there is an amazing nightlife every weekend where people head to the finest venues in search for a fantastic experience in Mayfair. You can enjoy your evening by spending time in some of London’s most luxury bars or perhaps during your day you could simply have a gentle walk through this affluent part of London.

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