Thursday, 17 December 2015

Are All Women In Cheshire Wags?

Thanks to the media and the press the majority of people have the impression that women from Cheshire are WAG’s or ladies who lunch and live off their rich husbands. While there are ladies in Cheshire who are just that, the majority of women do not fall under this category. Cheshire has given birth too many women who have become successful in their own right. They do not live off their partners or daddies and have forged successful businesses from the ground up. They have bought their own multimillion pound mansions and live a high life that is completely funded by themselves.

An example would be Cheshire business woman of the year Suzan Thompson, who won two awards in this year’s Forward Ladies North West and Isle of Man Women in Business Awards. Thompson is the managing director of high end Cheshire property firm Elegant Address, who specialise in Luxury Villas on the Cote D’Azur. Their experienced team of property consultants offers their super rich clients a personal service. They are knowledgeable about the villas they rent out and sell, plus know all there is about the surrounding areas to ensure their clients find exactly what they are looking for. Since 2004 Suzan has taken her business from strength to strength with a team of strong women around her.

Another example of Cheshire’s independently successful women would be the Cheshire escorts from Exclusive Company Escorts. Cheshter escorts are sensationally beautiful, well educated women who have high powered careers during the daylight hours and spend time with discerning gentlemen of an evening. They do not rely on a man to fund their glamourous lifestyles, they are successful business women who choose to escort for the thrill of spending time with discerning gentlemen who will wine and dine them and have passionate sex with them for a time they choose.

Cheshire escorts from Exclusive Company Escorts are owned by no man, they work hard and play hard and drive the discerning gentlemen they spend time with wild. Their independence only adds to their irresistible sex appeal, many gentlemen love for them to meet them in their pencil skirts and heels, like they have just come to see the from their businesses. No one apart from Exclusive Company and the gentlemen they spend time with knows about their afterhours activities. So if you ever attend the Cheshire business women awards, look around in wonder, as any one of those ladies could be a Cheshire escort. 

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Conrad London St. James

Conrad London St. James is a hotel in London that is not as well-known as other hotels yet it is such an incredible hotel to be staying at when you are in London. This top notch property is an extravagant place to be staying when in London. Here you can discover more information about this incredible hotel and why it is worth the stay if you are looking for a hotel to stay at.

When people think of a hotel in London Conrad London St. James is not the hotel that comes to your mind at least not straight away. It may only come to your mind if you have previously visited this hotel then you will know for yourself just how amazing this hotel is. London is populated with many amazing hotels and Conrad London is up there with the best. This is due to a number of reasons but all in all is their ability to provide an exquisite experience to guests. The staff here are very welcoming and friendly making your stay here feel much more pleasant. The rooms here at Conrad London are something you would expect every classy hotel in London to be like, luxury, comfortable and amazing for an evening of relaxation.

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