Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Hank Moody is a writer

Hank Moody is a writer, he lives in California, has a daughter, a very confusing love life and a funny as fuck Jewish bald agent.

Who is Hank Moody?

A photograph of david duchovny
David Duchovny
You want to know what he is the greatest man to ever have lived – on the television screen, you just can’t help but like the man, he makes you laugh, he makes you want to be him and he doesn’t stop giving. There you go that’s a great intro to the best TV character, in my honest opinion that has ever been written.

Hank is the star of the TV show Californication, there has been a law suit going on for some years now between the shows creators and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers with regards to the name, I am hoping that any one that loves the sound of an axe knows what it is that I am talking about – if you don’t then I my friends feel sorry for you as you are missing out.

A Fictional Character For A Great Actor

Played by David Duchonvy – Fox Moulder in the X-Files, another of the worlds greatest TV shows, although Hank unlike Fox has a rather large passion for women. I know Scully was hot but there and she most probably had a very wild side I doubt that she was as game as one of Rachaels London Escorts. Why have I brought escorts into a blog about a TV show? Well that’s what Califorication is all about, sex , drugs and rock n roll. There is nothing more rock n roll than a bunch of escorts, a writer and some very sexy screens!

Escorts in a TV Show?

So could that be the entire show in a nut shell? I have no idea, I know that I am enjoying writing it, I am enjoying watching it, watching Hank brings out the creative part in me, he makes me want to put pen to paper, would it be more like fingers to buttons?
The show has now finished its run, in fact it finished up a few years a go, I think that we are missing a great bit of television history there.
It all seems a little deep! Lets get back to the London escorts! In one episode Hank hooks up with an escort called Trixy, she does remind me of a few of the very sexy ladies whom I saw via Dior Escorts London, she has that naughty but sweet look about her, a look that comes from being a very confident women, a woman, more a escort whom wears a strap on for her games, a women that could ride a man like he was a toy horse, someone very much in control of their life.

If you don’t know what I am talking about then you have got to watch the show, keep an eye out for Lew Ashby, another great character, another show stealer

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