Monday, 27 June 2016

Don't Hide Your Tantric Massage from Your Partner

When discussing the idea of tantric massages a lot of people are scared to share their impulse with their partners to get one. Some, then, go as far as to lie to their partners about getting a massage just to avoid the fight or the feelings of hurt that might arise from telling someone you want to experience sensual energy being moved in your body while they’re not there. This seems noble but in reality it’s a dangerous endeavor. My one true advice is: Do not hide anything from your partner.

We are all aware of the stigma that comes with Tantra and are more than understanding as to why some men feel that keeping this secret from their partners is somehow in said partner’s benefit. But the truth of the matter is that there should be no guilt, no shame and no hiding the fact that we are all sexual beings and wish to experience our sensual energy in many different ways. This is not simply casual sex and, the truth is, it’s not sex at all. It can actually be used to heal from sexual traumas and also pains and aches that are physical and haven’t responded well to conventional treatments. Also, it has been shown to help deepen the connection between partners. Due to the release of Oxitocin people feel much more connected to those they love after a tantric massage.

This is to not mention how getting a tantric massage from Minx Massage can actually help you learn Tantra techniques that can then be used on your significant other. The great thing about this is that if you want to be sexual with them afterwards you can comply if you so wish. This also helps them and helps you but by lying and deceiving your partner you’re not helping, you’re actually hurting the experience.

So have a talk with your partner, explain what you’re going through and why you want to have this done. Perhaps even suggest a couple’s massage so that they can join you and you can experience the joy and freedom that comes with it together.