Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Cheaper alternatives to escorts - save yourself some money

We're all aware here how expensive a habit escorting is. Hell, escorts make significantly more money than any of us in this office, and we are all trained professionals in skilled work. It's ludicrous how much they can make in an hour, but then at the end of the day it is fair. After all, they are permanently messing up their bodies and relationships to make a bit of cash, so it balances out in the end.

Avoiding escort costs

Anyway, in today's Sexy London Ladies post we are bringing you some cheaper alternatives to escorts, because why should you hand out your hard earned cash on sex when you can just get sexually gratified for free or the price of a coffee?

Now, after reading and following this post, we doubt this will ultimately help you stop booking escorts. However, with some dedication it is realistic to say that you could book less escorts if you follow our advice (it worked for us, sort of).

The purpose of this guide

The end goal here is to save some precious money, so remember - any outcome where you spend less but get sexually satisfied is the goal here!

Alternative to escorts #1: immerse yourself in VR Porn

The Virtual Porn Website

Why choose Virtual Porn?

  • Better than your average porn session.
  • Still less time and effort than booking an escort.
  • You may enjoy it so much, you will no longer need companions.

The Porn industry has taken a step forward recently with a foray into the next stage of adult entertainment; virtual reality. It immediately clicks in your head as a brilliant idea. Virtual Reality + Porn? Sign us the fuck up!

Forgot your VR headset?

If you have your own Virtual Reality headset or spend 10 minutes cutting out some cardboard, you can dive right into your own raunchy series of high definition VR Porn. We recommend visiting the Virtual Porn Website above if you are interested in checking out some smutty virtual reality content. There is some free content on the website to get you started, and you would have to buy 100 videos off this website before it would cost as much as the average hour long booking.

Alternative to escorts #2: just book Cheaper escorts

Ace Sexy Escort Sofia

How is this a cheap alternative to escorts?

We're sorry to put escorts in a guide that's designed to help you save money on escorts, however this business really is too good an offer to pass up.

If you cannot afford to keep booking high class companions because they charge extortionate prices, why not book from an agency that doesn't rip you off? The link above will take you to Ace Sexy Escorts, a London based agency offering appointments at £79 per hour.

Think of all the money you can save, considering most services charge almost double!

Alternative to escorts #3: Give the Tinder app a try 


Not heard of Tinder before?

Tinder has been around long enough now to establish a market, and if you want to try your luck on the free market you may just find yourself a hot girl who wants to meet. If anything, grabbing Tinder on your phone to mess around for an hour is a bit of fun, and hey you might get a few interesting swipes!

For the purposes of this article, we created a Tinder account to see if it is still a good website to hook up on, expect to see our results soon.

My Tinder results: Over the period of a couple of weeks, I received plenty of swipes. You should be able to do it too, I'm only moderately attractive! Unfortunately Tinder has implemented a limited amount of swipes for free users. This is a massive disappointment, because I will never pay for the Tinder app and neither should you.

In conclusion: Give this app a try and you might get a few matches. With the limited swipes available, this is probably no longer the best tool for hooking up.

Alternative to escorts #4: Please yourself with erotic Chatrooms

i Sexy Chat

A little bit of dirty talk goes a long way

Lastly, but certainly one of the best - erotic chatrooms are more than capable of satisfying someones lustful urges, if you can find a couple of decent sites for it you might actually be able to book less escorts.

It requires a bit of patience, but with some work you can get some ladies to either cam chat privately with you or exchange images. If that fails, you can always find someone willing to talk dirty with you.

This is an excellent way to save money, because it can be done in the comfort of your own home without spending a penny. Obviously it does not hold a candle to booking an outcall, but the end result is generally the same.