Friday, 2 June 2017

Last Longer with a Tantric Massage

Tantric massages are often searched for because someone wants to last longer in bed. This is not something that is a big mystery or secret thanks to a few television and media personalities that swear that through Tantra they are able to accomplish amazing feats while practicing Tantra.

From having an orgasm that lasts for hours or even having sex for just as long makes people’s interest spike and they want to know if this is all real. Well the short answer is that yes, this is all real and you really can achieve the same amazing things that these people are achieving simply through tantric massages and practicing Tantra at home. However your concept of intimacy, sex and orgasms might need a little refreshing.
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There are countless agencies like Tantric Dolls out there who can help you with your sexual issues, just give them a call and make a booking or ask for advice.

For more people sex is all about penetration and the idea that through that penetration sex is going to be completed once at least one side arrives at their orgasm. Well tantric practitioners such as the ladies over at Tantric Dolls will not be performing any sexual act during the massage and there won’t be any penetration. What you need to realize is that what we think about sex is only part of the entire scope of intimacy. Sex can be anything that happens before that brings you and your couple closer.

The flirting, the playful kissing and even the undressing, this also means that anything that happens after what we normally consider sex can be considered part of it too, so the cuddling, the laughing and the long talks are all part of it.

Tantric massages and Tantra in general teach you to enjoy these experiences and appreciate them just as much as you do the part that is in the middle. Also, there doesn’t have to be any penetration at all. You can have sex in many different ways so it is time you stop thinking as putting your penis in something as sex.

Valentina - Tantric masseuse
Masseuses like Valentina from Tantric Dolls can help you achiev
e the goal of lasting longer in the bedroom through the tantric arts
Orgasms are the physical and psychological satisfaction of these acts. Yes you can have a forty minute orgasm but your mind has to realize that it’s not about simply ejaculation. It is about feeling so close to someone that their skin is in the way that your body feels like it is both relaxed and tense and that you feel euphoric and yet at peace. That is what tantric massages and Tantra seeks to explore and if you are ready for it you are more than welcomed to come try.

When discussing these points with my friends recently I happened to mention how I felt tantric massages had helped me take pleasure back into my own hands. They sort of laughed and admitted they had never understood that phrase. In fact most of my friends all agreed this was some sort of ‘excuse’ as to why I enjoy tantric massages because, as they pointed out, in a way you’re actually giving away your pleasure to your masseuse.

They argued that by letting her have the ability to offer pleasure to me I was essentially just passing out the power to someone else. This got me thinking onto the dynamic of me and my masseuse and also if I was really finally in control of my own pleasure.

First of all I had to think how my masseuse came into my life and how she showed me how to achieve pleasure both while I was with her and while I was alone. Of course I invited my masseuse into my life against everything that anyone told me. I made the decision to put my joy and pleasure first which is already completely out of the ordinary for someone to do. I wasn’t seduced by my masseuse but she came knowing of what was about to happen and I knew what she was there for.

Secondly, I never gave my power away, in fact I took it back from where it had been stored: society’s grasp. I had been told all my life what to feel about sensuality, how I was supposed to express it and when and with whom. This time I broke the norm and said ‘this is what I want’ and went for it.

Not only that but my masseuse taught me how to get pleasure on my own and not to rely on her presence. She is a friend, someone I can go to and someone I feel wonderful around even when we’re being sensual. My power and my pleasure resides now only in myself and not anyone else and now no one that is with me can even dream of dictating when sex is over, when I am satisfied or how I need to be satisfied.

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